Do you know how the perfect bra is made?

The popular show “How do they do it?” on Discovery Science Channel and their reporters came to Poland, Pabianice and Łódź to discover the secrets of how to construct and sew the Perfect Bra.

“How do they do it?” accompanies the production processes in factories all over the world. Now the latest series is broadcasted in 200 countries. In this series viewers will have the opportunity to see how Corin’s Perfect Bra is being manufactured. Discovery Channel reporters were interested in unique research that was carried out for more than a year and a half together with Technical University of Łódź and Polish Mother Memorial Hospital in Łódź. The aim was to construct uniquely comfortable and safe for women’s health bra.

This seemingly small part of women’s clothing is also the most difficult to construct. The entire production cycle requires great precision and accuracy. Engineers from Technical University conducted series of simulations and analyzes to convey to Corin guidelines for the perfect bra production. For all tests, ultrasensitive thermovision cameras were used. Bras were tested by a group of women of various age and breast size.

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Tristan M.

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