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Push Up bra

Tristan M

Posted on August 13 2018

Push Up bra

Push-up bra is a type of bra that has special inserts made of a soft sponge (less often from silicone) in the lower part of the cup. They can be sewn in permanently or put on. Push-up, from English, means to literally push. This is also the task of this type of bra. It should optically enlarge, model, pull the bust inwards and at the same time lift it up slightly. It is generally believed that this type of bra should only be worn by ladies with small and medium breasts. This is not entirely true, as even women with larger breasts will be able to use additional, small inserts, because they will help maintain the bust and even better emphasize the line of the neckline. At Corin, known as the creator of Perfect Bra, also during the production of push-up bras, we make every effort to ensure that wearing our bras is comfortable and positively influencing the posture and health of the owner. Every day, for women who wear light-fitting, bright blouses or shirts for work, we recommend bras from the line Virginia line. This collection is smooth and will not be distinguished under clothing. As already mentioned earlier, our offer also includes push-up bras dedicated to ladies with larger breasts. Lalingerie.ca & Corin encourages you to buy push-up bras. Dear Lord, do not be afraid to emphasize your strengths and look extremely feminine and tempting!!!

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